Store-Bought vs. Professional Teeth Whitening


Having a smile you love can help increase your quality of life. When you don’t like your smile, you can suffer from low self esteem, which affects more aspects of your life than you know. If you have noticed your smile has yellowed due to age or another reason, try teeth whitening! 

At Niles Family Dentistry, we know you want white teeth without spending all of your money. We offer tray whitening, which is a less expensive whitening treatment that you can use from the comfort of your couch, or your bed, or your bathroom, or even your kitchen! Here’s why our teeth whitening trays beat store-bought. 

Why Teeth Go Yellow 

Unfortunately as we age, our teeth can become discolored for a number of reasons. Here are the most common causes of yellow teeth according to Healthline:

  • Some food and drinks like coffee, soda, red wine, blueberries, spaghetti sauce, and more
  • A high-sugar and high-carb diet 
  • Using tobacco products and smoking
  • Side effects of medications 
  • Aging 
  • Genetics
  • Trauma or injury to the mouth
  • Excessive fluoride consumption
  • Poor dental hygiene 
  • Chronic dry mouth 

Having teeth become yellow-tinted is a natural part of aging, but if you want pearly whites, here’s how the whitening process works.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work? 

Tooth bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a way to brighten your smile to get that pearly white color you’re looking for. There are several different whitening processes, but most of them work in a similar way. WebMD explains that most whitening options use peroxide-based bleaching agents. Based on the amount of peroxide in the solution, you’ll leave the treatment on for a varied amount of time. 

At Home Treatments

You can walk into your local drugstore and see a variety of different whitening kits. These kits typically contain 3%-20% peroxide according to WebMD, and you can use them for longer periods of time. At home treatments aren’t as strong as dental office treatments, which means if you do get results they’re likely to not last long. 

Drugstore treatments are weaker, but they do not make your teeth as sensitive after the fact. However, your teeth won’t be as white as they would if you had a professional whitening treatment. 

Professional Treatments 

When you go to a dentist for teeth whitening, you’re going to get a stronger peroxide treatment. Office peroxide treatments can contain up to 15%-43% of the bleaching agent. At Niles Family Dentistry, Dr. Niles offers tray whitening. If you’re not familiar with it, here are the details: 

  • Tray whitening can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • You come in and Dr. Niles will take an impression of your mouth so you will get a customized clear whitening tray to wear 
  • A few days after your impressions are taken the trays will come in. When you come pick them up, Dr. Niles and her team will show you how to apply the special bleaching material to the trays
  • You’ll wear the trays up to twice a day for 30-60 minutes each time 
  • Then, you’ll enjoy your bright white teeth! 

Risks of Teeth Whitening 

There aren’t usually any serious risks associated with having your teeth whitened. The most common side effects to the treatment are having sensitive teeth for a few days following the treatment, and having red and tender gums. These side effects can be uncomfortable, but the sensitivities usually subside within two or three days. 

Why Have Your Teeth Whitened 

There are many benefits to having your teeth whitened. Not only will it help your self confidence, but having your teeth whitened can also help you look younger. When you love your teeth, it’s been proven that you smile more. Smiling has a number of benefits, just ask Verywell Mind! They say smiling:

  • Can make you more attractive 
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts your mood
  • Helps improve the moods of those people around you
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Makes you more youthful
  • Helps you be more successful and positive 

The benefits of teeth whitening far outweigh the risk. If you’re wanting to whiten up your smile for the long run, try Niles Family Dentistry’s tray whitening treatment. 

Make an Appointment 

If you’re interested in brightening up your smile from your comfort of your own home, consider tray whitening with Niles Family Dentistry. With no downtime and a stronger treatment than the drugstore provides, you’ll get a bright white smile that can easily be maintained for months to come. If you have any questions, call the office today at (720)-744-0001. 


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