Find Relief from Your Morning Jaw Pain with a Night Guard


The last thing you want to deal with when you wake up each morning is facial pain, but what if you could solve it by simply using a night guard? Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from bruxism–grinding teeth or clenching when you sleep. Misaligned jaws, stress, and TMJ disorder, are common culprits for the condition. This teeth grinding can be loud enough to wake someone sleeping nearby, cause abnormal wear of your teeth, teeth sensitivity, jaw pain, headache, face pain, earaches and others! While some causes for teeth grinding may only be solved with orthodontic treatment, most symptoms can be addressed by using a customized night guard made for you right in our office.


Why Use a Night Guard?

If you are waking with morning jaw pain, dull headaches or sensitive teeth, it’s time to make an appointment with Niles Family Dentistry to see if you are being affected by the negative effects of Bruxism.  Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects about 10 to 15 percent of adults, according to the American Dental Association.   Morning pain around your jaw or cheeks is typically associated with clenching and grinding while you sleep.  The jaw muscles of your mouth are able to exert tremendous amounts of pressure so it is no surprise why you will feel pain if they are clenching or grinding for hours while you sleep.  Night guards supply you with a cushion between your upper and lower jaws to prevent muscle tension and pain. Custom dental night guards provide enough cushioning to protect the enamel of your teeth while supporting your jaw and preventing injury and pain.  Custom night guards not only prevent the symptoms associated with bruxism, but have also been shown to help reduce the frequency/intensity of nightly clenching and grinding. Night guards have also been shown to aid in tooth alignment while you sleep–another added benefit. Teeth grinding is not a condition that you want to ignore. Teeth grinding is something Dr. Niles can help you with!


Our Custom Night Guards

While over-the-counter night guards are available, custom-designed night guards that are designed to fit your exact mouth, teeth and needs provide you with a better, more reliable option. Custom night guards are made of a firm, plastic material and are recommended for patients who clench or grind their teeth at night as a way to protect their teeth and jaw joints from pain and damage. An ill-fitting night guard won’t protect you the way a custom-made mouthguard will. A proper fit is important to ensure that your teeth will be properly protected while you sleep.  A member of our Niles Family Dentistry team will go over how to ensure your night guard is working properly for you and proper care instructions.  


Will I Have To Wear a Night Guard Forever?

By making an appointment with Dr. Niles, she can help you ascertain what is causing you to grind your teeth.  One of the most common reasons for teeth grinding is stress and anxiety. Other reasons teeth grinding can occur is from misaligned teeth or jaws.  Sometimes orthodontic treatment will be recommended to realign your jaws/teeth to solve the teeth grinding issues.  If it is found that you are grinding your teeth due to stress or anxiety, we can help offer suggestions for these conditions and protect you from the effects with a custom night guard. Night guards are prescribed to prevent oral injuries, headaches, jaw tenderness, breaking teeth, or TMJ disorders. Once the cause for your teeth grinding is addressed and treated, the need for a night guard will go away.


Call to Schedule Your Free Night Guard Consultation Today!

Call to schedule your night guard consultation to learn if you are in need of one and how to address the teeth grinding or clenching that may be occurring when you sleep.  So many oral injuries and associated pain can be prevented. At the first sign of discomfort or pain, make an appointment with Dr. Niles so she can help you ascertain the cause.  Using a night guard can prevent costly dental treatments needed for broken teeth, or injured jaws from teeth grinding and clenching.  We can help! Dr. Niles is a family dentist in Niwot, Colorado, with convenient access to the communities of Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, and Louisville.  Niles Family Dentistry offers state-of-the-art family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.  Call for your appointment today at (720) 744-0001. We look forward to meeting you and your family!


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