Ways You Can Practice Green Dentistry At Home 


You may know that at Niles Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in trying to be as green as possible. From cutting waste and reducing water use, we’ll tell you just what we do to be more environmentally friendly, plus the ways you can practice green dentistry at home. 

What is Green Dentistry?

Eco-friendly dentistry, also known as green dentistry, is a high-tech approach to dentistry that reduces the environmental impact of dental practices. This type of dentistry serves as a model for dental healthcare that supports and maintains wellness. Eco Dentistry Association explains that the eco-friendly dentistry model includes four sectors: 

Reducing waste and pollution

At Niles Family Dentistry, we aim to reduce waste and pollution each and every day. Further, when our building was under construction, we recycled and/or reused much of the existing building. Additionally, paint, carpet, and other products used during construction were environmentally friendly. 

During our day-to-day practices, our infection control methods include steam sterilization to replace chemical-based sterilization, toxic cold-sterilization methods are eliminated, reusable sterilization pouches, patient bibs, other barriers, and eco-friendly disinfectants that maintain a hospital-grade environment. 

Further, we use digital X-ray systems over their conventional counterparts, which means that there are no chemicals and less radiation is used. 

Saving water, energy, and money 

At our practice, we use a dry vac system which uses no water. This saves approximately 360 gallons of water per day that is typically used by traditional wet ring vacuums used at most dental practices. Our office lighting is compact fluorescent and we only use Energy Star appliances while doing our uniforms and laundry in house. 

High tech 

We use electronic patient records to keep our office as paperless as possible. Additionally, we use digital X-rays and LED lights in the operator, which uses 50% less energy than conventional operators lights. 

Supporting wellness 

Green dentistry also aims to support overall health and wellness. Dr. Niles will ride her bike to work most days, and also offers a discount to her patients who do the same and ride a bike to their appointment! 

Green Dentistry at Home 

Now that you know the four sectors of green dentistry at the dental practice, let’s discuss how you can incorporate those at home. To practice green dentistry at home, follow these tips: 

To reduce waste:

  • Invest in an electric toothbrush that can be sanitized with a UV light. This will prevent you from having to replace your toothbrush head as often, and result in less waste. 
  • If you don’t want to move to an electric toothbrush, then look for a toothbrush that is biodegradable. 
  • Use sustainable, yet effective, dental health products. For more information, ask Dr. Niles for her recommendations based on your dental health. 

To save water, energy, and money: 

  • Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth! Turning off the tap water while brushing your teeth can save 8 gallons of water per day. 
  • Use LED or fluorescent lighting in your bathroom. 

To support wellness: 

  • Good oral health is important, just like maintaining good overall health. To better support your wellness, make sure you’re eating a well-rounded diet, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep and exercise. 

Benefits of Green Dentistry

When you go to an EDA-approved eco-friendly dental practice like us here at Niles Family Dentistry, you can rest assured knowing that the staff values the environment and wants to make the world a better place. A few benefits include we:

  • Reduce hundreds of tons of water waste each year. This is especially important as an average of 36 states in the U.S. go through a drought crisis any given year. 
  • Have no mercury-containing dental material in our practice, so our mercury pollution contribution is 0%. 
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle all the materials we possibly can from our office, which are then used for construction materials and other means so they are not just wasted. 
  • Having an eco-friendly dental practice also promotes better health and wellness in the community at large and with our patients. We support and encourage others to support local businesses and use the resources we already have in the community.

Make an Appointment with Niles Family Dentistry

If you want to learn more about eco-friendly dentistry or what you can do to be more green in your routine at home, make an appointment with Niles Family Dentistry today. Dr. Niles and our team are passionate about the environment and give you a happy, healthy smile. Call us today – (720)-744-0001. 


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