4 Reasons to See a Green Dentist


At Niles Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on treating our patients and our environment with care. We’ve made our practice to be as eco-friendly and green as possible because wellness in all aspects is something we strive for. We focus on:

  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Saving water, energy, and money
  • Being high-tech 
  • Supporting wellness lifestyles

What is a Green Dentist?

Eco-friendly dentistry, also known as green dentistry, is a high-tech approach that helps reduce the environmental impact of dentistry. It helps dentists and their teams protect planetary and community health, as well as the financial health of their practice, according to ecodentistry.org

Reducing Waste and Pollution

We aim to keep waste and pollution to a minimum. How do we do that?

  • By recycling and reusing much of the existing building during construction
  • The paint, carpet, and other products used during construction are environmentally friendly
  • Using sterilization and toxic disinfectant practices that are eco-friendly, like using steam sterilization to replace chemicals, not using toxic cold-sterilization, reusing sterilization pouches, patient bibs, and more, and using eco-friendly disinfectants that maintain a hospital-grade environment
  • Placing and removing mercury-containing dental material. We are a mercury free practice!
  • Only using digital x-rays which mean there are no chemicals used to develop them. There is also less radiation in digital x-rays
  • Recycling waste

Saving Water, Energy, and Money

Being eco-friendly also have money and time saving benefits. This is accomplished by:

  • Using conventional vacuum systems
  • Having compact florescent lights throughout the office
  • Using an in-office water distiller
  • Implementing use of a dry-vac system

Water and Dentistry

A lot of water goes down the drain in most dental offices. Niles Family Dentistry has brought on the practice of using a dry-vac system to help combat this. The dry-vac system uses no water and saves approximately 360 gallons of water a day that when compared to a wet ring vacuum, which is what you see at most practices. Traditional wet vacuums use a great deal of water equaling to about 200,000 gallons per year – that’s the size on an Olympic-sized swimming pool of water every month!

In addition, this system also saves a lot of money for the dentist and the patient. Water waste is a tremendous problem within the dentistry world. In total, about 9 billion gallons of water are solely used from dental offices. Now with the world entering a water crisis, it’s important to be intentional about the water you use at home and at work.

Being High-tech

Technology allows practices to save the environment by:

  • Moving patient records to be electronic to keep the office as paperless as possible
  • Using digital x-rays
  • Operating with LED lights that use 50% less energy than typical lights

Supports a Wellness Lifestyle

We want to support overall wellness for all of our patients. Not only do we strive to keep your mouth healthy, but we also want to make sure we’re encouraging you to be well in all aspects of your life. We do this by practicing what we preach. This means:

  • Dr. Ashley Niles doesn’t bring her car to work most days, rather she rides her bike 
  • We offer discounts to patients who ride their bikes to their appointments (you can even park in our complimentary bike rack out front!)
  • Supporting local business and encouraging our patients to do the same for those that are in walking distance

Why Green Dentistry?

It seems unusual to have dentist office being the place that focuses on being eco-friendly, however, it’s something that we here at Niles Family Dentistry are hoping to change. By providing a wide range of dental care for your entire family, using Niles Family Dentistry is one way you can transition to living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

When we aim to become more green friendly in one area of our lives, all the other areas will slowly begin to follow suit. We only have one earth, and it’s important to do all we can in all areas to help care for it better.

Make an Appointment

Located in Niwot, Colorado, Dr. Niles provides care for patients there and to those located in the Boulder, Longmont, and other northern Colorado areas as well. Make an appointment online today! By doing so, you’re doing your part to be an eco-friendly patient. Also, remember to ride your bike to her office for your appointment. Make sure you let us know you pedaled here! As promised, we will give you a discount for doing so. Call today to make your appointment or to learn more about green dentistry: (720) 744-0001.

Ashley Niles

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