Dental Implants for the Win!

Dental Implants

Restore your beautiful smile with dental implants! Dental implants represent some of the best advancements in dental science, cosmetic dentistry and technology and come highly recommended by the American Dental Association.   Dental implants are considered the optimal solution for replacing missing teeth.  Not only are they are permanent, but with proper care and hygiene, they rival natural teeth in strength and looks.  A dental implant is made with a titanium post, which is integrated into your jawbone on one end.  At the other end is the abutment, which secures the prosthetic tooth to your mouth. The result is a natural looking smile that is as strong and secure (sometimes even more so) as the real thing.


Renew Your Confidence with Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause you social discomfort and physical discomfort. Trying to navigate through normal speaking and chewing is severely hindered when you are missing teeth. When we aren’t as confident in the appearance of our smile, we share it less too. Missing teeth rock our confidence and our ability to interact normally and confidently with others. Before the entrance of dental implant technology, the standard solution for missing teeth were dental bridges or dentures.  While dental bridges and dentures are sometimes the only option for certain oral conditions/problems, they don’t provide you with all the many benefits that dental implants can. The natural appearance of dental implants, and the natural functionality, dispels anxieties that existed before the dental implant.  Dental implants are screwed into the bone of your jaw so they aren’t going to move, fall out, or force you to change your eating habits.


Dental Implants Look and Function Like Real Teeth


The dental implant treatment process begins with a titanium screw, which acts as the anchoring base for your replacement tooth (or teeth). This screw functions as the natural tooth’s root.  After installation, the titanium fuses completely with the bone of your jaw for a fixed, stable result. Dental implants, unlike bridges, are firmly rooted and will not wiggle or work loose. The dental implants team at Niles Family Dentistry can replace a single tooth, or fill in a gap where multiple teeth are missing. Implants are designed to blend with the color of neighboring teeth rendering them undetectable. Dental implants restore your prior functionality and vibrant smile without the drawbacks of dentures.


Speak and Chew Naturally

Since dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they function like your natural teeth allowing you to speak and chew naturally without worrying about the stability of your smile. Without teeth stability, you are unable to properly form sounds and shape the vowels and consonants that form the words you use everyday. Dental implants allow you to retain your proper speech patterns.  Teeth also perform a vital role in the digestion process, helping you to thoroughly chew the foods your body needs for healthy living.  Unlike dentures–that can slip when you eat– and require that you limit yourself to soft foods–dental implants allow you to eat freely and without anxiety.


Dental Implants Stimulate Your Jawbone

Healthy teeth serve to stimulate your jawbone helping the natural tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone for the production of healthy cells. When you lose a tooth, it can impact the strength of your jawbone because it doesn’t receive the same cellular stimulation. This can result in jawbone shrinkage and decrease its density and length, causing your face structure to cave in and shrink. Osseointegration is one of the amazing results of the dental implant process. The bone and tissue surrounding the dental implant fuse and grow around it. The titanium from the implant is biocompatible–the bone cells attach to the surface of the implant–securing it into place. Since dental implants stimulate the production of new bone cells, your jawbone will maintain its shape and support your good oral health goals.


Call for a Dental Implants Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing benefits of dental implants and our services call Niles Family Dentistry today to make an appointment.  Dental implants will improve your ability to chew, eat, and speak and give you the security of knowing that your prosthetic teeth will not slip or move around in your mouth.   Call today for a consultation at (720) 744-0001.  Niles Family Dentistry serves the families of the Niwot, Longmont & Boulder communities. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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