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Dental Services

When you think of getting dental work done, what dental services do you think of? Many patients picture getting a cavity filling done or procedures that involve shots and drills. Even though these are important, some of the most important dental services you can get are preventative ones. Dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings and comprehensive exams are so important for patients, that the American Dental Association recommends that everyone gets these at least twice a year. Find out why and how these dental services benefit your oral health!

Dental Cleanings

While it is true that your toothbrush can rid your mouth of much of the daily decay that assaults it, your toothbrush just can’t get it all. You need the power of a dentist’s tools and steady hand to do the trick.

One of the chief parts of a dental cleaning is the removal of plaque and tartar from your gum line and between your teeth with a tool called a scaler. Your dentist, or dental hygienist will scrape the sticky, plaque and hardened tartar of the surface of teeth with the scaler. Don’t worry, this scraping isn’t scraping away your tooth enamel, but the hardened plaque that is eating away at it.

To reduce the amount of time your dentist spends removing plaque that has hardened into tartar from your teeth, be diligent about brushing after every meal and flossing.  Make sure you keep your 6-month appointments too so that your dentist can help you eliminate the buildup of these teeth-destroying elements.

Dental cleanings will also include a thorough brushing with an electric brush. This brush will help remove any plaque or tartar that the scaler missed.

The grainy consistency of the toothpaste your dentist gently scrubs your teeth clean of unwanted debris. The polishing of the teeth follows after to give your teeth the shine of health.

While an in-office cleaning uses tools that aggressively clean your teeth, this is safe two times a year. However, don’t aggressively clean your teeth at home because this can destroy the vital enamel of your teeth.

An in-office cleaning will also include a flossing session. Your dentist or hygienist will evaluate how you are doing with your flossing and notify you of areas that may need a little improvement. She will also make sure you are flossing properly and give you instructions.

The final step of the cleaning is the rinse. Most rinses will include some fluoride to help support the strength of your teeth and the health of your mouth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

“Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and pharynx accounts for over 48,250 cases per year in the United States with approximately 9,575 deaths per year,” reports the Oral Cancer Foundation. Unlike many other types of cancer, this type can be screened for by your dentist so that, with early detection, you can escape a serious scenario.

If present, oral cancer can be found in a 3-5 minute, painless examination.  The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that 75 percent of all head and neck cancers begin in the oral cavity. Niles Family Dentistry is committed to helping with the effort to spread oral cancer awareness to our community with annual screening and self-checks.

By scheduling your regular 6-month examinations in our office, you will be sure to receive a screening twice a year. The foundation for a healthy mouth is prevention and proactive attitudes on healthy habits and practices.

Comprehensive Exams

One of the key parts of a bi-annual visit to your dentist is your comprehensive examination.  This is where your dentist can really get inside and assess the health of your mouth. A comprehensive examination will evaluate all hard (teeth) and soft tissues of the mouth.  Dr. Niles will record all of what she finds, diagnose any issues she sees present and offer an effective treatment plan for you.

Taking the time for these bi-annual comprehensive exams can give you the peace of mind that you are staying on top of your oral health to prevent small cavities from growing into big cavities and to fortify your teeth against them in the first place!

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