The Power of CariVu Technology

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CariVu technology gives Dr. Niles a tool for viewing each individual tooth more clearly than an x-ray. If a cavity is present, she can see the exact location, size and depth of the cavity, improving the accuracy of treatment. CariVu technology allows us to treat our patients with increased precision to catch cavities early! Through early detection, we can sometimes even reverse the tooth decay. If a cavity has already invaded the enamel, the cavity cannot be reversed, but we have treatments to eliminate the cavity and protect the tooth from further damage. CariVu technology is safe for children, pregnant woman, and all those not wanting to be exposed to any radiation from x-rays. This new technology keeps teeth healthy and works to prevent cavities from forming in the future.


Dental Caries

Dental caries is the scientific term used for “cavities”. You may also know this term by “tooth decay”. All are used interchangeably and all mean the same thing. Most likely, you have had a cavity during your lifetime and maybe even several. We know this because studies show dental caries is the most prevalent chronic disease among children and adults. Many millions of Americans have had cavities or currently have untreated cavities.


Cavities are caused by plaque, which is created from the sugars in the foods you eat mixed with bacteria in your mouth. When you eat, sugar pairs with bacteria and creates a sticky, clear, and acidic substance that bonds to your tooth enamel. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth enough, that plaque erodes away your tooth enamel. It will also seep inside your tooth, causing decay. Hence, the reason dental caries is also known as “tooth decay.” If you follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation to brush your teeth at least twice a day and to floss each day, you can significantly reduce your chances for cavities.


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The Power of CariVu Technology

Cavities happen to the majority of people without them even knowing. Only a professional can find cavities and fix them, which is why dentists exist. We only utilize the best and latest technology for all of our patients. What’s the point in going to the dentist if they won’t provide you the best care for your oral health? We believe CariVu technology is one of the most powerful and best tools for cavity detection. Our CariVu technology takes our diagnostic power to a whole new level! Traditionally, x-rays have been the tool of choice for getting a look inside at the health of your teeth, but x-ray technology has its limitations.


CariVu technology is a cavity detection device that creates more accurate images of the teeth through bathing them in safe, near-infrared light. We use this near-infrared light on your teeth, where we can easily detect the exact size, shape and location of a tooth cavity. The tooth enamel will appear transparent if the tooth is healthy and free of the decay. However, areas of tooth decay will absorb the light and appear dark. This allows us to catch a cavity in its earlier stages where it is much easier to treat. This powerful CariVu technology works much better than x-ray imaging and also eliminates radiation from the imaging process. It’s the perfect technology for finding tooth decay so we can then eliminate it.


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Exams and Cleanings

Millions of people don’t see their dentist enough. 50 years ago, there were no guidelines for how often you should visit the dentist. However, in today’s time, the American Dental Association recommends that every person visit their dentist at least twice a year for a dental cleaning and comprehensive examination. For patients that have extensive tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer or other oral health issues, they should visit the dentist more often than that. A dental cleaning and comprehensive exam are some of the most fundamental dental services, and some of the most important.


A comprehensive exam includes the examination of all all the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. This includes your teeth, gums, lips, tongue, throat and inside of the cheeks. Generally, a routine oral cancer screening is part of this exam. During this quick screening, we will feel for any lumps or irregular tissue changes in your neck, head, face and mouth. We will also look for sore or discolored tissue. Although quick, a cancer screening can end up saving your life.


We also provide a dental cleaning, that takes between 25 and 30 minutes. This cleaning includes scaling and polishing of the teeth. We will remove plaque, stuck-on tartar, provide you a thorough brushing and flossing, and a fluoride treatment at the end. Exams and cleanings will help you prevent cavities before they start or grow larger.


Catch Cavities Early

CariVu technology allows us to treat our patients with increased precision to catch cavities early. Through early detection, we can easily treat your tooth decay. However, you have to come into the office for your dental cleanings and comprehensive examinations so that you can benefit from this powerful CariVu technology. If you are due for a cleaning or exam, call Niles Family Dentistry today at (303) 652-0400!


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