5 Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

Digital Dental X-rays Niwot, Colorado

Niles Family Dentistry supports their eco-friendly practice design by incorporating digital dental x-rays for your treatment needs.  Digital x-rays don’t just help the environment, they also provide you with a better diagnostic tool for uncovering the health of your teeth, mouth and bones. Digital x-rays provide your dentist with improved image quality while also reducing the amount of radiation exposure you come in contact with. Collecting your scans has never been easier or quicker than with digital x-rays.  The information they render helps prevent serious conditions from developing or advancing.  If it has been a while since you or a loved one has had x-rays taken, call our office today to book an appointment.


Less Radiation

Digital dental x-rays have the ability to take multiple intra-oral x-rays in minimal time with far less radiation exposure than conventional radiography. This means you get a thorough, comprehensive treatment plan with up to 85 percent less exposure to radiation.  Providing a safer, healthier form of radiography is possible with digital dental x-rays than with the conventional radiography system. 


More Accuracy with Improved Image Quality

Using this advanced technology, we take an x-ray of your mouth using a small sensor which records the image of your teeth and sends it to our computer.   The computer then broadcasts a highly detailed image of your mouth that can be enhanced, enlarged, sharpened, colorized, or displayed as a negative to more effectively diagnose dental conditions and determine the treatment you need.  The software used to manage the x-rays can enhance the image, but doesn’t alter the data.  Dr. Niles can always go back to the original image.  These capabilities are impossible with conventional film x-rays.


Digital Storage Capabilities and Progress Tracking

Digital x-rays also come with the added advantage of being able to be easily archived in a patient’s digital file to be reviewed instantly at any given time. X-rays can be superimposed with images taken earlier so you can visually see the progress/changes during your treatment. With this powerful technology, you can visually see changes related to:  tooth movement, bone loss or growth, restoration work, fillings, or root canals.  This allows you to be a much bigger part of the treatment process and helps validate what your dentist is doing for you.


Less Impact On Our Environment

According to the Eco Dentistry Association, every year, dental practices generate 28 million liters of toxic x-ray fixer. Traditional x-ray fixers contain chemicals such as Ammonium Thiocyanate and Boric Anhydride.  These chemicals are skin, eye and respiratory tract irritants, and can be extremely hazardous if inhaled or ingested.  Some studies have showed that they are toxic to the thyroid, kidneys, liver, and blood.  Prolonged or repetitive exposure can cause organ damage. Eliminating the use of harsh chemicals/materials associated with traditional radiography helps our environment be a safer, healthier place.  

Sadly, despite the many environmental and health threats traditional x-rays pose, only 25% of dental offices in the United States have switched to digital imaging.


Quicker Treatment Time

Because digital x-rays take multiple images at once, and display them instantly, the time spent capturing x-rays is greatly reduced meaning our patients spend less time in the chair.  The accuracy of digital x-rays also allows us to treatment plan more efficiently because we can readily see what needs to be done and what is going on.


Call to Schedule Your Digital Dental X-rays

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing benefits of digital dental x-rays and our other services call Niles Family Dentistry today at (720) 744-0001 to make an appointment.   Niles Family Dentistry serves the families of the Niwot, Longmont & Boulder communities. We look forward to meeting you and your family.


Ashley Niles

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