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Dental Implants

Dental implants can change the way you look at your smile! No one likes to lose a tooth, and in many countries around the world, once a tooth is gone, it’s gone. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than 35 million people living in the United States alone are missing all of their teeth. That’s not counting those who are missing just one or some of their teeth. It doesn’t have to be that way! At Niles Family Dentistry, Dr. Niles and her staff are highly trained to do implant restorations, partial and full dentures, and implant-retained dentures. A dental implant is a metal post that the dentist places into the jawbone in the mouth, where a crown will later be placed once the gums have healed. These implants can last between 10-20 years and are very strong to support normal chewing and daily activities. Each year around 500,000 dental implants are placed due to gum disease or injury, and that number is growing. Only about 10% of dentists in the United States are trained to do dental implants, and we are proud of the fact that our dental practice is part of that 10%. Learn your options for dental implants and how you can keep a full set of beautiful, healthy teeth for life.


Facts About Our Teeth

In a healthy adult mouth, there should be 32 teeth. Most people will have all of their adult teeth by the time they are 13. The mouth is made up of 4 canine teeth (the pointed front teeth), 8 incisors (the front top and bottom 4 teeth besides the canines), and the 8 premolars. However, more than 35 million Americans are missing all of their teeth, while about 178 million people are missing one or more teeth. When a tooth is lost in one area of the mouth, it can cause the opposing tooth to lose strength because there is no opposing force to keep it in place. This could cause that tooth to become loose and be lost as well and have a ripple effect to losing other teeth. Basically, you need each tooth to support the other teeth and provide structure and strength to all the teeth in the mouth. The best thing you can do to keep your teeth is to practice good oral hygiene to prevent tooth loss. Many tooth-loss causes can be prevented so you don’t have to miss out on a full set of pearly whites.


Why We Lose Teeth

One of the largest causes of tooth loss is tooth decay and gum disease–two of the most preventative oral problems you can have.  Surprised? There is a reason that we (like most dentists) recommend brushing and flossing at least twice a day as well as a visit to the dentist biannually. That is just a baseline recommendation, as we would love everyone to take even better care of their teeth then that. When teeth are not properly taken care of, bacteria-infested plaque sticks to our teeth, creating an acidic substance that slowly erodes the tooth enamel. Over time, enamel will wear away, especially near the gumline and in between the teeth. When this happens, that acid can seep into the inner part of the tooth (the pulp) and start breaking down the tooth. This tooth decay is called dental caries (or a cavity). The longer a cavity sticks around, the more at-risk someone is to have an infection or lose a tooth.

Tooth decay can also lead to gum disease. Gum disease is generally painless but will manifest itself through bleeding, swollen, and/or red gums. You may also start to see the gums receding as well. The American Academy of Periodontology also says that you can have loose or separating teeth, sores in the mouth, bad breath and more. All because of not taking proper care of your teeth! Besides gum disease and tooth decay, people can also lose teeth due to oral cancer, injury, medical conditions (such as diabetes) and simple wear and tear. The way to get your smile back and keep your mouth healthy is to invest in dental implants.


Dental Implants for a Healthier Mouth

Dental implants can retain the structure of your teeth and your mouth. Each year, it is estimated that at least 500,000 people receive dental implants. A dental implant is a tooth restoration (or replacement) for those missing a tooth. The area of the missing tooth is prepped by surgically implanting a metal post into the jawbone of a patient. Once that post is secure and healed sufficiently, a permanent replacement tooth is implanted into the post where it will stay up to 20 years if it is well taken care of. A dental implant provides superior benefits as it is structured to the actual jawbone, so there is no risk of the tooth falling out. It will provide structure to an opposing tooth above or below, as well as support to the other teeth it touches, reducing the risk of losing additional teeth. A dental implant will also be a sturdy source of support against any movements, chewing, or other pressures present with the jaw and mouth and will not weaken the remaining teeth the way a bridge can. They are stronger than your natural teeth, look just like your natural teeth and will become such a part of your mouth that you won’t even notice that you have a dental implant.


Call for a Dental Implants Consultation

Dr. Niles is highly trained to perform dental implant restorations on her patients. She has had years of training and experience to make sure that your dental implant is uniquely fit for you and your mouth and that it will provide you years of stability and support for your teeth. For those who are missing a tooth, a dental implant can literally change your life and change how you face each day. If you are missing a tooth and need a dental implant or simply want to know your options, call Niles Family Dentistry today at (303) 652-0400 to learn more. Don’t miss out on a full set of teeth now or in the future!

Ashley Niles

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